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Hi Girls

I'm so excited to see you guys in a few more days! Eeeks, it's gonna be FUN! Hokay, so...

  • My wicker end table that my tv sat on last year is hanging out on the porch because I wasn't sure where to put it, but it can definitely be moved inside for use as an end table. The one I thought I was going to get from my cousin ended up being a no-go, I apologize.

  • Meg, I don't really care what the tv situation is, mine is available for general use or it can live in my bedroom where I'll use it for video games and what not. It doesn't really matter to me. Even if we only have the one I don't spend all that much time attached to my virtual gaming world unlike some males I could name...

  • I do recall seeing two pans in the kitchen cabinets. I don't know if they're from Mel (I actually thought they were Meg's) or if they're a gift from the previous owner. Neither has a lid, however. I don't know if that's important because I don't cook.

  • My mother came home bearing a griddle for me today. I don't know if you guys use one or not, it's what we make all our pancakes, eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches on. It's basically a giant, open, flat pan that can be plugged in and doesn't require the stove.

  • We need to talk to the landlady about the pilot light on the stove/gas smell. Thinking about it more, I don't think there's a gas leak, I'm sure we smell that when we turn the gas on because the pilot light isn't lit. If I knew where it was I could light it...

  • I'm super excited for Meg's camel poster for her bedroom.

I can't think of anything else urgent to say. Thank you for washing the dishes Meg, I can assure you we've been cleaning them as they've been used, so no worries there! I left some in the drying rack when I left last time since they were still wet, but they should be clean. As for the tv stand business...well, I don't know what will become of that. I could look but I'm sorta tired of spending money and we could always give it a temporary home of that same old wicker end table or something. It's sitting on the coffee table right now since I put it there after washing the living room floor, but that leaves us coffee table-less, haha. (And let's face it, I know we're all adamant coffee drinkers, we need a table to put the coffee on.)

That's all outta me, see you guys SO SOON BUT NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!

hello love!

hey there meg and caroline!

meg thanks for the detailed entry.

1) yes it is defin. ok to use the yellow floral table casey made for an end table. right now it is on the porch because i wasnt quite sure what to do with it, but that is a good idea.

2) meg, if your cleaning style is a mop, more power to you. at my house we dont even own one, so i prolly will never use it, but if you want one i say reach for the stars.

3) let me know when you figure out if you have pans or not, cuz if you cant i can always pick some up before i come to MU.

4) someone donated me more sheer curtains. christ. we are in no shortage of curtains.

5) i have some ideas about how to best run our place...

          like we should write down who bought communal stuff last   (like for instance caroline got all the cleaning supplies, and i bought that huge thing of toilet paper and paper towels...ect     so that we can take turns or do whatever is fair)

          also we should have some sort of rule arrangement as far as cleaning, garbage and whatnot, because all the fruit flies left in the apartment from the garbage not being taken out was pretty damn gross. apaartment X was grossly invested with them. (i am sure mel is deeply sorry and it wont happen again)    ;)

          TV Stand...my dad decided against carrying the massive amouir thing up the stairs that COULD HAVE BEEN USED for a TV stand...so we are going to have to figure that out. it would be helpful if mel could get that


if there is anything left unthought of or we still dont have we can always go shopping when we are together and discover stuff we still need.

i am excite about the whicker chairs for the fire escape  ::)


Love, adelle

Aug. 6th, 2008



i figured i'd try and remember more of the shit i've acquired in the last couple months and try and figure out what we are still in dire need of.

THINGS I NOW HAVE IN MY POSSESSION (in addition to the stuff i had before)
  • a hand mixer (for baking and whatnot)
  • an amalgamation of small-ish pots. definitely good on the pot front. not quite sure on the pan front yet.
  • i brought a little lemon shaped cutting board when i was down there last. its cute :)
  • LAMPS, complete with SHADES now. i'm not sure if i said that before, but now i have 2 complete lamps for the living room, and can bring a third if we think we need it? i'm not sure where we would put it though...
  • WICKER CHAIRS!!!! 2 of them. for the fire escape. now we can hold bitchin parties out there with everyone else.
  • I GOT THAT GAME THAT ANNA HAS... QUELF. now we can hold roomie bonding rituals while simultaneously making fools out of ourselves. excellent.
  • other games that i will probably end up bringing: apples to apples, balderdash, and imaginiff.
  • A CAMEL POSTER. it's going in my room since it matches my bedspread, but i was wayyyyy excited about my 99 cent poster from ikea, and figured you could all empathize :)
i MIGHT be getting another pan, and maybe some bakeware from my aunt... not quite positive on that, but just a heads up. otherwise i guess i havent gotten a whole lot more for group usage since the last time i posted. i'm sure you all noticed that i washed almost all the dishes in the kitchen when i was there in june and arranged them nicely. i don't care if you guys want to rearrange them, that's just what made the most sense to me at the time!

  • A TV STAND. i asked mel today if she could take care of that, since i'm not quite sure if she has contributed thus far. i hope no one else has taken care of it yet!
  • END TABLES. caroline i think i read in one of your past entries that you might have one, and adelle it sounds like you have a yellow table that casey painted for you. are any of these options as end tables in the living room? if not, no worries, i think we can probably give mel that responsibility also. if that doesn't work either, my mom said she could probably give us a couple, but i figured i'd check other outlets first. i think the max number we would need is 2, since we already have a coffee table for the middle of the room.
  • maybe a larger pan and some oven dishes? like i said, i MIGHT be able to get that from neighbors and stuff, but its not a for sure thing yet.
  • MOP? i know we have buckets and cleaning supplies galore thanks to miss caroline, but i'm not sure if anyone's cleaning style requires a mop? just thought i'd throw that out there.
  • caroline and i talked about putting new contact paper in the cupboards in the kitchen. not that we need to rush out and buy any right now, but if anyone happens to have any sitting around in their house it might be worth stealing...
  • CUTTING BOARD. i think caroline and i have each brought a smaller one, but we will most likely be needing a big one or two. or at least medium sized.
  • once we are all down there and able to pool our creative juices, we may want to come up with something to decorate our bland walls. i'm not sure if we will be wanting to look at the picture of me and my sisters everytime we walk through the hallway?
i can't think of anything else right now... my brain is fried from studying stats and nannying devil children. anyways, none of this stuff is at all necessary to have right when we move in obviously, but i just wanted to keep a running list of what all is still needed. i'm not sure about my tv situation yet... i may be bringing 0, 1 or even 2 tvs. obviously if i bring 2, caroline you're more than welcome to have yours in your room. many of our appliances seem to be going down the shitter lately though, so i'm not sure how many i'll be able to get out, if any.

if you guys want to add anything you've gotten over the past months, lovely. and maybe continue the discussion about things we need? particularly the end table question.


i keep forgetting things

umm, i also have a few dish towels. at least two. they are white with lime green and purple polka dots.

i forgot

yes meg, i think we all can provide our own coffee cups and thermoses and whatnot

and also, my dad has a vacum cleaner we can have  :)  

more stuff

hello my name is adelle white!

i have some more things:

-THREE HUGE MIXING BOWLS  (to compliment caroline's smaller ones of course)

-fabric for curtains in yellow, pink, blue, and green i think.

-a wire towel rack that hangs over the door for the bathroom

love, adelle

More shtuff

Hey lovelies,

Some more stuff I have procured for our general use!

  • A large garbage can for the kitchen
  • Three mixing bowls that belonged to Grandma Klus (they're on the smaller side)
  • Measuring cups
  • A silverware holder thing (haha, sorry Meg, now we have two!)

That's all for now. I'm working on finding things like spatulas and whisks and all that good stuff. Also, my obsession with tools will probably lead me to buy many more before fall starts, so don't worry about those, I can take care of it. I'm sure Mel called you all, but when I talked to her the other day she said Mrs. Werra had given her all of the keys, so see her for key details. Also, she turned on the power because she's awesome! Sorry my extraordinary hatred for the telephone has kept me from calling you guys. I miss you all so much. Hope you're doing swell!

Much love,

-4 pink bowls
-4 pink plates
-4 tiny green smoothie cups
-a yellow table that casey painted in art class for our apartment. we could put it on teh porch maybe? not sure yet
-2 sharp knives, they are small but sharp. just ask my finger
-1 plastic spatula
-1 mini colander
-1 mixing spoon


-1 bamboo rug (maybe for the porch or outside the door)
-several really cool new brightly colored hanging paper lanterns
-some fabric for those kind of curtains that we had in our room last year   :)

i have some other stuff i just cant think of it  :)


Jun. 4th, 2008

i forgot something.... my mom already sent her old glasses (the drinking kind, not the seeing kind) to milwaukee when she picked me up. and there's a ton of them. so don't buy anymore. 
More APTX stuff:

  • 3 cookie sheets (small, medium, and large)
  • 2 pots (1 big one small)
  • a small pyrex dish (the kind that you bake stuff in the oven in.... i don't really know how to describe it)
  • a silverware drawer organizer
  • a square ceramic dish with a glass lid for baking stuff in the oven
  • a cake pan
  • apparently my mom found a BUNCH of cooking utensils at a garage sale and already brought them to milwaukee when she picked me up... so if anyone wants to go through some of those bins in the dining room to see what we have, you're more than welcome
  • shower curtain
  • a shower thing that goes over the shower head and holds shampoo, etc.
  • a toilet bowl scrubber
  • dish soap
  • i've got a little bit of clorox left care ;) and a lot of pinesol
  • a large glass bowl with 6 other matching smaller bowls
  • 3 little glass bowls
  • 6 very small clear plastic bowls (the size you would dish applesauce or something into)
  • a regular size cupcake/muffin pan
  • a fan
  • a stackable tupperware thing (smallish/mediumish size)
  • a tupperware organizer that has approx. 5-10 small tupperware containers that come with it
  • a couple coffee mugs (i figure everyone can kind of chip their own in and no one will need to buy any?)
  • can opener
  • a couple dish towels
stuff we will still need (in addition to what i posted before):
  •  rugs for the bathroom/shower/kitchen/anywhere else we think we might need rugs
  • garbage cans
  • more large tupperware (i think we're good on small stuff)
  • NO MORE SMALL BOWLS. i think i've got that covered. we DO, however, need mixing bowls, and adelle, i think you've got that big pink bowl that would make a good popcorn bowl, right?
  • tools (adelle and caroline, you guys have a few, right?)
  • mop and bucket
  • more dish towels/ washcloths/ sponges to wash dishes
 in other news, I have a new baby second cousin! she was born June 2nd and her name is Ryan Elizabeth. ALSO, my cousin is getting married. on August 23rd.... the day AFTER our PA orientation. which sucks. cuz i don't know if i can go :(

I start a new job tomorrow! whoo! i'm excited to be putting money back in the bank instead of wasting it. i've got two kids: Gabby is 10 and Jack is 5. It will be cake. I'm excited.


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