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I've been acquiring an insane amount of shit for the apartment. I'll post what I remember right now, and hopefully get a finalized list to you all a little later. Mmmmk here goes...
  • area rug (we can use it in the living room if we want, otherwise i'll just put it in my room)
  • futon
  • papasan chair (one of those giant comfy bamboo things)
  • vacuumm (not super heavy duty, but it'll pick more up than the dust buster. AND it was only 5 dollars :) )
  • toaster (obviously)
  • a mini crock pot (i'm talkin really mini. like might hold a can of soup or 2, max.)
  • a george forman-like grill
  • a GORGEOUS wall frame type thing, that could either hold a mirror or a giant picture (of us?!)
  • a set of kitchen knives (sharp ones)
  • a set of really nice silverware from my g-ma
  • a coffee table
  • a mini muffin pan
  • a few lamps from my mom (i'll get a final count on them later)
  • i THINK my mom said we can have some of her end tables ...cuz she wants new ones (i'll let you know the count later)
  • those pink curtains we had in our room this year
  • a set of nice dishes... i think its 8 bowls, cups, salad plates, and regular plates
  • measuring cups
  • pizza cutter
  • i think i have a couple pots and pans, but i'm not positive on the variety... i'll get back to you on that
  • floor lamp
  • all the plastic dishes and silverware mel and i have had the past 2 years
  • a microwave... if we want 2? i'm thinking it's rather unnecessary, but let me know if you think otherwise
mmmm thats all i can remember for now.... i'll let you know if i think of anything else, and i'm sure i'll acquire more shit in the weeks to come... my mother is obsessed with garage sale-ing. i think most of what we still need is kitchen gear... i don't think i have enough pots and pans yet to cover us all, and probably more tupperware type dealies, and spatulas and whisks and whatnot. care, i think you and i officially have us covered on glasses, microwaves, and silverware, and with our collective amalgamation of plates and bowls, we're probably fine on that front too. i think we're mostly good on furniture too... unless someone has maybe a chair or an ottoman to chip into the living room, we won't have much more space. we might also want to look around at a couple of chairs to put on the porch? i'll check out the garage sales, of course. maybe something of the wicker nature? to withstand the weather? tell me what ya think.

mel, if you could take a look at your beds when you get a chance and tell me what they look like, if i can use one, and what parts i would need if i can use one, that would be wonderful. otherwise i'll start looking for one.

anyways. i hope everyone had a GLORIOUS Memorial Day weekend! unfortunately mine was filled with tornadoes, cold weather, and arguments over the existence of global warming with my 65 year old uncle. although somehow i've managed to acquire a nice farmers tan, and my freckles are out in full force. also, my sister managed to jam her knee into my coccyx today, and i now have a nice black bruise right above my ass. i look like i've been physically beaten. and it hurts to sit :( i thought you'd all like to know that.


Hi everyone! I had a trip to IKEA the other day and ended up picking up some stuff for general use (in addition to a brand new desk for my room, squee). So here's what I've got so far for everyone's use:
-Sofa and matching loveseat in great condition
-End table
-Wall clock
-A small cutting board (red)
-Extra set of silverware
-Dustpan and hand-broom for it
-A pair of pot holders
-A crock for sugar. Or flour. Or a hell of a lot of paprika.
-9 glasses-the drinking kind not the seeing kind

Hope everyone's having a great summer! I love and miss you all!


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