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More APTX stuff:

  • 3 cookie sheets (small, medium, and large)
  • 2 pots (1 big one small)
  • a small pyrex dish (the kind that you bake stuff in the oven in.... i don't really know how to describe it)
  • a silverware drawer organizer
  • a square ceramic dish with a glass lid for baking stuff in the oven
  • a cake pan
  • apparently my mom found a BUNCH of cooking utensils at a garage sale and already brought them to milwaukee when she picked me up... so if anyone wants to go through some of those bins in the dining room to see what we have, you're more than welcome
  • shower curtain
  • a shower thing that goes over the shower head and holds shampoo, etc.
  • a toilet bowl scrubber
  • dish soap
  • i've got a little bit of clorox left care ;) and a lot of pinesol
  • a large glass bowl with 6 other matching smaller bowls
  • 3 little glass bowls
  • 6 very small clear plastic bowls (the size you would dish applesauce or something into)
  • a regular size cupcake/muffin pan
  • a fan
  • a stackable tupperware thing (smallish/mediumish size)
  • a tupperware organizer that has approx. 5-10 small tupperware containers that come with it
  • a couple coffee mugs (i figure everyone can kind of chip their own in and no one will need to buy any?)
  • can opener
  • a couple dish towels
stuff we will still need (in addition to what i posted before):
  •  rugs for the bathroom/shower/kitchen/anywhere else we think we might need rugs
  • garbage cans
  • more large tupperware (i think we're good on small stuff)
  • NO MORE SMALL BOWLS. i think i've got that covered. we DO, however, need mixing bowls, and adelle, i think you've got that big pink bowl that would make a good popcorn bowl, right?
  • tools (adelle and caroline, you guys have a few, right?)
  • mop and bucket
  • more dish towels/ washcloths/ sponges to wash dishes
 in other news, I have a new baby second cousin! she was born June 2nd and her name is Ryan Elizabeth. ALSO, my cousin is getting married. on August 23rd.... the day AFTER our PA orientation. which sucks. cuz i don't know if i can go :(

I start a new job tomorrow! whoo! i'm excited to be putting money back in the bank instead of wasting it. i've got two kids: Gabby is 10 and Jack is 5. It will be cake. I'm excited.


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